Colored Caps

Colored Caps – Hey !!! Then the new girls’ touches arrived!Let a little winter come to MT then;).

Colored Caps

 Rose full of cornrows for d. Julinha !!! pokeridn

Colored Caps

 And lilac for Laura =) every girl: oGennnnte, why is it growing so much ???? Help …

Colored Caps

Good people !!!
I finished another order, and accelerated another !!!
Tomorrow, if there is time I’ll post !!!

Bjkas and good weekend !!!

Saint Anthony’s Dress

Saint Anthony’s Dress – “I asked the dear Saint Johnin a prayer to give me a marriage. Saint John said no! Saint John said no! … This is there with Saint Anthony!”.

 The first hillbilly dress of 2018 is from my little Julia !!!

Saint Anthony's Dress

With bodice and skirt lining in raw cotton, lots of cheetah and lace (from that little community). poker idn

Ribbon bows, yo – yo flower (remember her birth favors ??) and more what made a difference, why is she one of those !!!

Saint Anthony's Dress

 Detail of the heart on the chest of the dress, with the engraving of Santo Antônio, the first saint of the June festivities !!

Saint Anthony's Dress

 On the back, without much detail, the fluffy sleeves are attached by stitches by hand, on the bodice of the dress … (as there is always more than one party to go to, you can vary the options lol)

Mini straw hat, with yo – yo flowers too, attached to a simple headband, covered with satin ribbon.

Saint Anthony's Dress

And this flowery ‘hula hoop’ was left over from a CTG presentation, so I will be a collaborator on many photos here lol

Bjkas !!!

Now, back to normal programming !!!

I have a lot of work to go posting !!!!

House Pillows

House Pillows – Hi guys !!!So, following this wave of things and little things … I’m trying to organize some things furniture flower design cushions at home, these little things know, we always need to go renewing !!!!

When my husband and I went to live together … he brought these stools along with his ‘move’ from south hihih, so it’s almost our first furniture !!!

House Pillows

These times one blew the screw, and almost turned to firewood = (Guys, but they are super helpful, and the girls use it a lot … I made her husband straighten up … in the promise that one day he would put some cushions on them … and then last week I changed the covers of the living room cushions, and left small pieces of floral fabric .. I made them very simple – not removable … when I wash I open the seamstress;) bandar ceme

 My stools live here in the front door of my little room, in the light can window.

House Pillows

 I wanted simple, basic models because people … no way – with two children and two dogs … I need to wash often !!! As much as Luna doesn’t come home, Mili owns the sofa … and the kids keep rolling on the carpet with the cushions !!!!
No way, it’s reality hihhh.

Thank you for the affection always =) 


New Year Recipe -For you to earn a beautiful New Year the  color of the rainbow, or the color of your peace.

New Year without comparison with all the time already lived (poorly lived perhaps or meaningless) for you to earn a year not just painted of new, mended in careers, but new in the seeds of becoming; new even in the heart of the less perceived things ceme online

(starting from the inside) new, spontaneous, so not even noticeable, 
but with it one eats, walks, loves, understands, works, you don’t have to drink champagne or any other boozer, need not send or receive messages (plant receives messages?pass telegrams?) 

You do n’t have to make a good wish list to file them in the drawer. No need to mourn for the consummate bullshit or foolishly believe that by decree of hope from January things will change and all be clarity, reward, justice between men and nations, freedom with the taste and taste of morning bread, respected rights, beginning. for the august right to live. 

To earn a New Year that deserves this name, you, my dear, have to earn it, you have to make it new, I know it is not easy, but try, try it consciously. It is within you that the New Year  dozes and waits forever. ANDRADE, CD New Year’s Recipe. Record Publisher. 

2008 My favorite poetry about this time of year !!!Grde Bjo =)

Foot Friends

Foot Friends -Hi guys, good morning !!!It’s been a long time since I’ve been trying to write this post about my machine presser feet.

Some have already shown on the fanpage superficially, and here I’ve shown all I bought at Mega, in SP. Although two of them I haven’t even used yet = ( The best is to talk about the experiences !!! This first, my dear friend, cute and ugly !!! 

Yes, it’s a big deal, but it works darling that just seeing …Facinho install, fasten fits and poft comes out frowning …(when we buy comes an explanatory DVD okay, so I will not dwell on this subject) idn play

He stuck in the machine – for this lesie I used the highest level of puckering (which is 3) It is well aligned, as if they were folds .. In these frills I used the middle level, and has a much more frowning than the one that I have not used … for not finding it necessary !!

I swear I tried to make a little video showing how the little foot pulls the fabric … but didn’t load = (Ahhh and you can apply it already in the final fabric, just fit the main fabric under the foot … I haven’t done this feat yet lol This petty thing is the ribbed foot, and in fact it got on my nerves several times …

First his opening didn’t fit the singer’s finisher, I went looking for an adapter and the SINGER Spring guy told me there was no lol …So I took off my Brother’s stand and used it on Singer !!!!Why can’t you waste time isn’t it =)

There is a whole scheme of double needle + two threads and sincerely will mess up a lot, will take a lot of work – basic and simple tip: separate the two threads in the last pass before entering the needle .. and will test the thread tension .. one hour will give, will be perfect and you will love =)

I’ll test the flower point foot, then I tell if it worked … 
Already the bias I want to play by the window !!! I haven’t discovered the secret of beautiful yet … 


Goodies -Good morning!Today I came to show you the goodies I made, Christmas and Secret Friend !!!Every year I try to give something handmade to the family, always waiting, right lol … Last year I made bags for girls !!! 

This year I made a pillow for our only boy … who is already a little boy = ( I loved this print very young right … and the name embroidered gave a tcham =) idnplay

My secret friend was UNICA’s little pregnant kid !! And I think there was a draw in the draw haha ​​…In the two years we played I caught her … much coincidence !!!I wanted to do something for the baby, the newcomer from the Mateus family … and for mommy … so I thought of something they could use together … of courseoo: breastfeeding pad =)

Well, and my sister, who rides a motorcycle, wanted a bag to carry her note !!! I did this with the black handles … and break, took the niece and made one for me too !! 
Hers has zipper … mine did well simple !!!

They are entering

They are entering -That had a day of organization in the little room =)

Hi guys!!!Oh, some friends always ask for pictures of my ‘atelie’ which is actually not an atelie, it’s ‘my quartimm’ that has everything we didn’t use in other parts of the house, and where I spend more hours of my day = ) poker 99

Last week I gave him a basic organization … so I took some pictures .. who can interest, this is where I work !!!

The bedroom door is next to the girls’ bedroom door … as my focus is on internet orders, I have never found it necessary to have a separate space … and the girls I get at home are always known … so ‘don’t notice the mess on the way’ hihi.

On the wall of the door I have the girls’ comics <3 p = “”>

On the other hand, I always have Julia scribbling my comic book !!!Ironing board, rack comics, and scrapbook clips that have become picture frames =)

The table by the window, because of the light, was from the kitchen of old … we changed the table and this one came here !!I got a ‘dressmaker’s dummy’ for how to make dresses and dresses =)I traded a few things for this cart with a friend, and there I left a lot of things that took up space on the table !!

This wardrobe was ours, we changed … and this one ended up here – you have to do everything in there !! And above I leave the boxes to send hihi orders (avoided in the photo)In the organization I left him all tidy =)

In my corner shelves I try to keep everything at hand – little boxes with everything organized .. ice cream cups with ribbons, lace, bias, zipers, lines and the likeAnd Laura’s little machine lives there =)In the window, my dream filter that brought from Gramado RS to 3 years !!! My patchwork and my cage comics !!!

The ironing board is new! I need her here, why I spend fabric all day lol …My backstage comics, my ‘green’ picture and the LOVE comic I got from Fabiana Tardochi in a draw !!The clips were for messages, but I filled with photos !! I love photos !! My watch needs to change the battery !!! But Julia filled with cute messages with post it !!!

Freight to the table, the shelf that is left of Julia’s baby’s room (I made a makeshift trunk – I need to improve it) … there is stuffed with hih fabricMy image of the patron saint of artisans San Jose !!!

Memories of Florianopolis,Lawn and the Ruins of St. Michael !!!In this corner between dresser and wardrobe are the quilts and fillings hihihAhhhh this magazine rack was a wedding gift from a very dear friend, who lives in the USA today. About the commodity orders to deliver (all already delivered) and overlock !!

My note, who lives rolling around !!!!People get the note on direct when I’m working – always call a little song in it !!!These days a ‘friend’ was very unkind to me, complaining that she didn’t answer in the chat hihi I went to see 3 hrs later … then I didn’t answer anymore right !!!!

Good people, this is where I ‘live’ work and I’m happy =) 

A very beautiful and productive week for all of us !!! 
And make no mistake … I’ve started new orders, and this room is a mess that only !!!! 

June Party Part II

June Party Part II -Hi, good morning =)This year, with all the variation of the parties, I needed to come up with an extra look for the country redneck party !!!

I always have difficulties with clothing 2 – sacred.Whenever I need to make dresses for two – June party – redneck – gift or little dress, I always have problems … the first I can roll and ride and zas behind … the second always keep chewing, mulling and does not go out = (

This year, I started with Laura, as part of our initial project, a more basic dress, right, why is she a girl =)Julia’s made it very simple with the idea of ​​putting a small collection on top. Then the drama started !!! poker99

As they have short hair, I made tiara with little hats (imitating straw) and colorful ornaments. I made curls in Julinha to give a tcham these hairs hihih

And the saga of Julia’s vest She is skinny, and big belly – child right people … but the damn vest did not settle !!!Here semi ready, when it finally worked

And the first vest option that didn’t work out for nothing. it opened, crooked and badly finished – you know when it goes bad – no more – it went bad … and I tried to decorate it, change the layout and it got worse … Then I changed the model, and I flew there … little collection <3 p = “”>

I thought it was cool to show that not everything is always right saw people lol
And here the internal finish of the little collection # 2 !!!

Its spring

Its spring -Bommmm day !!!! So, that’s it, more than month without posting on this blog. But guys, I have news, and a lot of news! So, nothing like the arrival of spring for us to feel the sense of rebirth, here in MT, we look forward to the rainy season, to lower the dust and cool the weather !!!

Well, at the beginning of September, I organized a class of Manualidades, as I announced on the face !!! I started the classes with the girls, and the return is being wonderful !!!Before we started I felt that little old man, but the girls are great, some darlings … Finally in the general package, I teach them a little things, and we had a lot of fun with the needles, fabrics and threads !!!! pokerasia

On Tuesdays I have 2 friends who come to sew with me, and on Friday I left the students of manualidades who study in the morning. So with that it’s 3 afternoons a week that we are back with the teachings … Then I have my orders to handle + child + house + dog !!

With everything, my time on the computer has reduced a lot, and sometimes I’m tired, I don’t even think to post here, here comes the flood of photos and great !!Even more now that I’m spreading the blog here, I can not be posting nonsense right hihihih.

Good people, but that’s it …  Who wants to follow me more closely, I suggest Instagram, I keep regularity, because it is fast and practical !! (the name is IrmaAMüller)

Ahhh talking about life, Julinha is reading people, reading, writing and full of tasks <3 p = “”>

And let’s go to today’s embroidery!As I was teaching the girls how to move with embroidery hoops and needles, I was struck by that comic book frame … 4 years ago, as I posted on the blog here , I took part in an international draw … a South African handmade button factory, I won … they distributed 50 button blister’s around the world, for me, those little sheep arrived =)Although they are beautiful, I never thought of using them in any work … I left the cartel hanging here as a hihih trophy …

Straight from Writing

Straight from Writing -Good night guys =) No this is not an abandoned blog, although it seems !!! I know they have many friends who still visit blogs, and follow our lives very lovingly … so this ‘explanatory post’. 

This blog, simple and without great ambitions, has changed a lot during these 8 years. I started as a way to post pictures of life on the internet, so that friends and family from another city could follow … and share work and graphics with Friends of Cross Stitch – extinct MSN group. (nor had orkut at the time). poker asia

I was always very curious about craft matters, so when Julia was born, my little girl (6 years old) I made her crib kit, and other little things from the room … and I posted on the Blog, I started to receive emails , asking if I would accept orders … I ended up saying no numerous times, scared, and a newborn baby on my lap …

One day, the husband said: oh make a cost estimate, pass a budget and see what happens … (Husband boasts that he was the great supporter, he always remembers that when he thinks about complaining about the dishes in the sink and other bad things).So, it’s 6 years that I know what gives !!!It gave a lot of satisfaction, a lot of pride, a lot of learning and a lot of work!

I started to sew, photograph, post … and sell more … and work harder .. and then you know where we are …I’m always in the mood for work … with that, sometimes I download the photos of the machine once a month … and then even edit those, already have more on the machine … and the blog, they take time to arrive.

I work alone !! Absolutely on my own, the times I tried to get a helper I only got in the way … so in general, it’s me mother / housewife / craftswoman and all that entails. 

Now, I’m giving girls classes of Manualidades, and look, I’m proud of my gang, saying that they are rocking .. I stopped the orders … but I didn’t stop !!! And with that the time on the internet, especially on the blog has reduced a lot.

This week, I downloaded some photos from the machine, and when I opened the blog folder I found almost 300 photos to edit, and posting … gave me a sadness, a feeling of not realizing, really need help !!!
For these reasons, I just added a ‘publisher’ to this page. 

Laura, who many already know, will now post the most basic work photos. She has already helped me a lot with some seams, she spends some finishing on the overlock, she pins buttons … she fills pillows .. and loves writing, I thought it would be a good incentive for her, and a good one for me! ! After all right, she is one of the great favorites of my work, and it does not hurt to help in free time !!!!