Felt Dedoches Holiday Post

Felt Dedoches Holiday Post -Good morning!As I already announced on the face, yesterday I went to give a sewing class in a Summer Camp, here in Spring !!! The theme, felt bowls of princesses =)

I found many different photos and templates on the internet, as you know felt is not my most followed branch !! But as I wanted simplicity, because the work would be for girls from 3 years old, I ended up assembling a new mold based on visas.
Here my duo, who has to walk with his hand right hihih. idnpoker

 I put a little finger of the ready-made fingerprint, next to each mold – Dedoches made by JULIA – 6 years, although she always sews at home, is the first time she participates in a class of manualidades !!!
The sheets must be printed A4 size.Here in this link  , from the Bolsa de Mulher site, there is a very simplified step by step how to do it !!.

Next week, let’s do the Frozen trio: Anna, Elza and Olaf, I’m already working on the mold =) 

Then, with time I want to assemble more princesses, in the list are Tiana (my favorite), Aurora, Mulan, Pocahontas and Merida = ) 

Happy holidays to everyone;) 
Grde Bjo !!!