From the Gift Contest

From the Gift Contest -Hi guys, alright !!Well, as I said before … my kitten was participating in a gift contest by CTG of our city … and as I told you, by the face, she didn’t win the first places … but she finished all the tests, which made me very proud !! 

They were fun, and tiring days of preparation and study .. in fact I did not want to force her, more than I could … if the day would not come and run … rsOn the contrary … I followed her pace, and respected her limitations … in the beginning were many participating girls, and we were by the same experience .. in the end there were only three.

Laurinha was in fact the youngest and most inexperienced among them … so I also let her have fun … when she gets older and more mature … try again =)  She was very annoyed at first, now is already good … (and almost happy not to need to study pro state rs)

But what really worked for me, as a mother, was all the effort of my kitten … that was betrayed by the nervousness lol … The contest had 3 stages – written, cultural and artistic …Here her table, the presentation of cultural proof .

Look at her little craft … the art was the yo-yo … applied to the cushion !!!!But then she wanted to do a ‘circle’ to imitate the sun … so we use the basic, basting and back points to decorate the garden =)