Its spring

Its spring -Bommmm day !!!! So, that’s it, more than month without posting on this blog. But guys, I have news, and a lot of news! So, nothing like the arrival of spring for us to feel the sense of rebirth, here in MT, we look forward to the rainy season, to lower the dust and cool the weather !!!

Well, at the beginning of September, I organized a class of Manualidades, as I announced on the face !!! I started the classes with the girls, and the return is being wonderful !!!Before we started I felt that little old man, but the girls are great, some darlings … Finally in the general package, I teach them a little things, and we had a lot of fun with the needles, fabrics and threads !!!! pokerasia

On Tuesdays I have 2 friends who come to sew with me, and on Friday I left the students of manualidades who study in the morning. So with that it’s 3 afternoons a week that we are back with the teachings … Then I have my orders to handle + child + house + dog !!

With everything, my time on the computer has reduced a lot, and sometimes I’m tired, I don’t even think to post here, here comes the flood of photos and great !!Even more now that I’m spreading the blog here, I can not be posting nonsense right hihihih.

Good people, but that’s it …  Who wants to follow me more closely, I suggest Instagram, I keep regularity, because it is fast and practical !! (the name is IrmaAMüller)

Ahhh talking about life, Julinha is reading people, reading, writing and full of tasks <3 p = “”>

And let’s go to today’s embroidery!As I was teaching the girls how to move with embroidery hoops and needles, I was struck by that comic book frame … 4 years ago, as I posted on the blog here , I took part in an international draw … a South African handmade button factory, I won … they distributed 50 button blister’s around the world, for me, those little sheep arrived =)Although they are beautiful, I never thought of using them in any work … I left the cartel hanging here as a hihih trophy …