June Party Part II

June Party Part II -Hi, good morning =)This year, with all the variation of the parties, I needed to come up with an extra look for the country redneck party !!!

I always have difficulties with clothing 2 – sacred.Whenever I need to make dresses for two – June party – redneck – gift or little dress, I always have problems … the first I can roll and ride and zas behind … the second always keep chewing, mulling and does not go out = (

This year, I started with Laura, as part of our initial project, a more basic dress, right, why is she a girl =)Julia’s made it very simple with the idea of ​​putting a small collection on top. Then the drama started !!! poker99

As they have short hair, I made tiara with little hats (imitating straw) and colorful ornaments. I made curls in Julinha to give a tcham these hairs hihih

And the saga of Julia’s vest She is skinny, and big belly – child right people … but the damn vest did not settle !!!Here semi ready, when it finally worked

And the first vest option that didn’t work out for nothing. it opened, crooked and badly finished – you know when it goes bad – no more – it went bad … and I tried to decorate it, change the layout and it got worse … Then I changed the model, and I flew there … little collection <3 p = “”>

I thought it was cool to show that not everything is always right saw people lol
And here the internal finish of the little collection # 2 !!!