New Year Recipe -For you to earn a beautiful New Year the  color of the rainbow, or the color of your peace.

New Year without comparison with all the time already lived (poorly lived perhaps or meaningless) for you to earn a year not just painted of new, mended in careers, but new in the seeds of becoming; new even in the heart of the less perceived things ceme online

(starting from the inside) new, spontaneous, so not even noticeable, 
but with it one eats, walks, loves, understands, works, you don’t have to drink champagne or any other boozer, need not send or receive messages (plant receives messages?pass telegrams?) 

You do n’t have to make a good wish list to file them in the drawer. No need to mourn for the consummate bullshit or foolishly believe that by decree of hope from January things will change and all be clarity, reward, justice between men and nations, freedom with the taste and taste of morning bread, respected rights, beginning. for the august right to live. 

To earn a New Year that deserves this name, you, my dear, have to earn it, you have to make it new, I know it is not easy, but try, try it consciously. It is within you that the New Year  dozes and waits forever. ANDRADE, CD New Year’s Recipe. Record Publisher. 

2008 My favorite poetry about this time of year !!!Grde Bjo =)