From Julia’s half craft level

From Julia’s half craft level -In March of this year, Simmmm I’m late, but better late than never =)

Julia made 7 years old, we had a very simple party to celebrate with some friends, and her classmates from school, did the decoration at home, just to give a colorful on this special date !! After all is the last niver of this early childhood !!!
Ribbon and lace curtain !!Name in felt bowls with grelot, fake monster cake !! idn poker

 My little birthday girl was sick all week, I think it was a crisis of anxiety, but I was soooo happy at the party, enjoyed so much, it was certainly worth all my trouble !!

 The mdf monsters were coated with EVA, and entered the party =)

And detail of the party favors !!(who didn’t smell it, the kids loved it and wanted one of each color asuhauhsauhs).

And on the little tables with little eyes and monstrous mouths for children to play. The coated nescau can And instead of sticks, the figures were in straws, so there was no danger !!

It was all super simple, and colorful, the way I think the kids like it !!Julia had horrible fun, and we were immensely happy for her =)