Straight from Writing

Straight from Writing -Good night guys =) No this is not an abandoned blog, although it seems !!! I know they have many friends who still visit blogs, and follow our lives very lovingly … so this ‘explanatory post’. 

This blog, simple and without great ambitions, has changed a lot during these 8 years. I started as a way to post pictures of life on the internet, so that friends and family from another city could follow … and share work and graphics with Friends of Cross Stitch – extinct MSN group. (nor had orkut at the time). poker asia

I was always very curious about craft matters, so when Julia was born, my little girl (6 years old) I made her crib kit, and other little things from the room … and I posted on the Blog, I started to receive emails , asking if I would accept orders … I ended up saying no numerous times, scared, and a newborn baby on my lap …

One day, the husband said: oh make a cost estimate, pass a budget and see what happens … (Husband boasts that he was the great supporter, he always remembers that when he thinks about complaining about the dishes in the sink and other bad things).So, it’s 6 years that I know what gives !!!It gave a lot of satisfaction, a lot of pride, a lot of learning and a lot of work!

I started to sew, photograph, post … and sell more … and work harder .. and then you know where we are …I’m always in the mood for work … with that, sometimes I download the photos of the machine once a month … and then even edit those, already have more on the machine … and the blog, they take time to arrive.

I work alone !! Absolutely on my own, the times I tried to get a helper I only got in the way … so in general, it’s me mother / housewife / craftswoman and all that entails. 

Now, I’m giving girls classes of Manualidades, and look, I’m proud of my gang, saying that they are rocking .. I stopped the orders … but I didn’t stop !!! And with that the time on the internet, especially on the blog has reduced a lot.

This week, I downloaded some photos from the machine, and when I opened the blog folder I found almost 300 photos to edit, and posting … gave me a sadness, a feeling of not realizing, really need help !!!
For these reasons, I just added a ‘publisher’ to this page. 

Laura, who many already know, will now post the most basic work photos. She has already helped me a lot with some seams, she spends some finishing on the overlock, she pins buttons … she fills pillows .. and loves writing, I thought it would be a good incentive for her, and a good one for me! ! After all right, she is one of the great favorites of my work, and it does not hurt to help in free time !!!!