They are entering

They are entering -That had a day of organization in the little room =)

Hi guys!!!Oh, some friends always ask for pictures of my ‘atelie’ which is actually not an atelie, it’s ‘my quartimm’ that has everything we didn’t use in other parts of the house, and where I spend more hours of my day = ) poker 99

Last week I gave him a basic organization … so I took some pictures .. who can interest, this is where I work !!!

The bedroom door is next to the girls’ bedroom door … as my focus is on internet orders, I have never found it necessary to have a separate space … and the girls I get at home are always known … so ‘don’t notice the mess on the way’ hihi.

On the wall of the door I have the girls’ comics <3 p = “”>

On the other hand, I always have Julia scribbling my comic book !!!Ironing board, rack comics, and scrapbook clips that have become picture frames =)

The table by the window, because of the light, was from the kitchen of old … we changed the table and this one came here !!I got a ‘dressmaker’s dummy’ for how to make dresses and dresses =)I traded a few things for this cart with a friend, and there I left a lot of things that took up space on the table !!

This wardrobe was ours, we changed … and this one ended up here – you have to do everything in there !! And above I leave the boxes to send hihi orders (avoided in the photo)In the organization I left him all tidy =)

In my corner shelves I try to keep everything at hand – little boxes with everything organized .. ice cream cups with ribbons, lace, bias, zipers, lines and the likeAnd Laura’s little machine lives there =)In the window, my dream filter that brought from Gramado RS to 3 years !!! My patchwork and my cage comics !!!

The ironing board is new! I need her here, why I spend fabric all day lol …My backstage comics, my ‘green’ picture and the LOVE comic I got from Fabiana Tardochi in a draw !!The clips were for messages, but I filled with photos !! I love photos !! My watch needs to change the battery !!! But Julia filled with cute messages with post it !!!

Freight to the table, the shelf that is left of Julia’s baby’s room (I made a makeshift trunk – I need to improve it) … there is stuffed with hih fabricMy image of the patron saint of artisans San Jose !!!

Memories of Florianopolis,Lawn and the Ruins of St. Michael !!!In this corner between dresser and wardrobe are the quilts and fillings hihihAhhhh this magazine rack was a wedding gift from a very dear friend, who lives in the USA today. About the commodity orders to deliver (all already delivered) and overlock !!

My note, who lives rolling around !!!!People get the note on direct when I’m working – always call a little song in it !!!These days a ‘friend’ was very unkind to me, complaining that she didn’t answer in the chat hihi I went to see 3 hrs later … then I didn’t answer anymore right !!!!

Good people, this is where I ‘live’ work and I’m happy =) 

A very beautiful and productive week for all of us !!! 
And make no mistake … I’ve started new orders, and this room is a mess that only !!!!