Foot Friends

Foot Friends -Hi guys, good morning !!!It’s been a long time since I’ve been trying to write this post about my machine presser feet.

Some have already shown on the fanpage superficially, and here I’ve shown all I bought at Mega, in SP. Although two of them I haven’t even used yet = ( The best is to talk about the experiences !!! This first, my dear friend, cute and ugly !!! 

Yes, it’s a big deal, but it works darling that just seeing …Facinho install, fasten fits and poft comes out frowning …(when we buy comes an explanatory DVD okay, so I will not dwell on this subject) idn play

He stuck in the machine – for this lesie I used the highest level of puckering (which is 3) It is well aligned, as if they were folds .. In these frills I used the middle level, and has a much more frowning than the one that I have not used … for not finding it necessary !!

I swear I tried to make a little video showing how the little foot pulls the fabric … but didn’t load = (Ahhh and you can apply it already in the final fabric, just fit the main fabric under the foot … I haven’t done this feat yet lol This petty thing is the ribbed foot, and in fact it got on my nerves several times …

First his opening didn’t fit the singer’s finisher, I went looking for an adapter and the SINGER Spring guy told me there was no lol …So I took off my Brother’s stand and used it on Singer !!!!Why can’t you waste time isn’t it =)

There is a whole scheme of double needle + two threads and sincerely will mess up a lot, will take a lot of work – basic and simple tip: separate the two threads in the last pass before entering the needle .. and will test the thread tension .. one hour will give, will be perfect and you will love =)

I’ll test the flower point foot, then I tell if it worked … 
Already the bias I want to play by the window !!! I haven’t discovered the secret of beautiful yet …